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Heathrow offers to scrap £1m landing fees for first hybrid-electric plane

The west London hub hopes the offer will encourage the uptake of electric technology to reduce emissions, noise and fuel consumption.

Rail plans could put millions of people within 90-minute train journey of Hull

The plans are expected to outline a vision which would bring more than a million extra people – and 64,000 businesses – within a 90-minute train journey of Hull

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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  • Ensuring successful adoption in the era of SMART Public Transport [paid inclusion]Over recent years operators, councils and other stakeholders have invested heavily in attempts to modernise the UK public transport sector in what some commentators are labelling ‘the SMART revolution’. From Leeds to Bristol, pioneering initiatives like SMART ticketing and Real Time Information (RTI) are quickly becoming omnipresent and the benefits to both passengers and operators is obvious.

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