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Lord Adonis: ‘Use £5bn road fund to reverse Beeching cuts to rail network’ [Subscription]

Billions of pounds earmarked for road-building schemes should be diverted to reopen almost 100 railway stations that were shut as part of the Beeching cuts, ministers are to be told.

Lords: Lack of guidance leaving CTOs 'in limbo'

Non-commercial interpretation remains in the air until Judicial Review decision comes during 2020. The government has been criticised in the House of Lords for proceeding with changes to bring the UK in line with EC Regulation 1071/2009 while a Judicial Review (JR) brought by the Bus and Coach Association (BCA) is ongoing.

Government looking at new rail route between Liverpool and Manchester

The government has announced it is looking at a new rail route between Manchester and Liverpool. The government has launched a consultation on the long awaited second phase of the high-speed rail link between London and the north of the UK.

Friday, 07 June 2019

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