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Ely Bypass to open today

Ely's long awaited bypass is due to open later.

Rail workers risk being sprayed with sewage due to upgrade delay [Subscription]

Railway workers could be “sprayed with human waste” because high-speed trains being used as a stop-gap will go back to dumping sewage on the tracks.

Vauxhall recalls another 47,000 Zafiras over safety fears - just three years after calling back 234,000 of the family cars due to 'fire risk'

Vauxhall are recalling 47,000 Zafiras that were excluded from a previous recall three years earlier which was meant to protect the vehicles from 'the risk of fire'.

Major new bypass proposed across the Rhondda

The plans would take traffic out of Treorchy to alleviate the 'long-standing congestion issues'

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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  • UK airlines hit out at higher levy on long-haul flightsBritain's aviation industry hit out at the government on Monday over its decision to increase a tax on long-haul flights, saying it made a mockery of the government's ambition for a 'Global Britain' after it leaves the European Union.


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