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SNP ministers 'abusing their power' over ferry contract, says Sturgeon adviser

NICOLA Sturgeon’s government has been accused of “abusing its power” by one of the First Minister’s own economic advisers.

Railway station ticket barriers could be replaced by sensors which detect when passengers board trains [ Subscription ]

TThe desperate scrabble for your ticket while running for a train could be a thing of the past, a manufacturer has claimed, with sensors potentially replacing ticket barriers which detect when passengers board trains. Train-builder Hitachi Rail is developing technology designed to ensure travellers are automatically charged the correct fare by recognising their smartphones at both ends of their journey.

Southeastern among franchises placed on public takeover watch list

The Southeastern franchise is one of six that could go the way of LNER and be taken over by the government as sources warned there was little time for a new operator to be appointed by April next year.

Monday, 12 August 2019

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