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Travel time threat to rail jobs

Rail workers face losing their jobs if they live more than 75 minutes from new offices in Buckinghamshire, a union claims.

Extra ferry cash 'not enough'

BUSINESSES in the Western Isles say an extra £2.5 million from the Scottish Government to help with increased ferry charges for commercial vehicles is not enough.

£5m rail safety move to save lives

Network Rail is funding a £5 million programme to fit additional disc brakes to hundreds of road rail vehicles, the company said amid calls for safety improvement on the eighth anniversary of an accident in which four railway workers were killed by a runaway wagon.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

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  • Bus attacks could affect servicesA bus firm says it may stop running some services after a passenger was injured in the latest of a string of attacks in Greater Manchester.

Mail Online

The Mirror

Bolton News

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  • Cheaper bus fares likely in shake-up In future, one body could plan and run all bus services through contracts with private companies, meaning reduced fares, particularly for young passengers.

Bus and

  • EYMS adopts fuel-saving EnviroxEYMS is introducing Energenics™ fuel-saving additive Envirox across the whole of its operations in East and North Yorkshire following a successful trial at the company™s Driffield depot.

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