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Coronavirus: TfL secure two-week extension of bailout

The government continues the terms of the current £1.6bn bailout package, due to run out on Saturday.

Trial to cut diesel fumes at train stations [subscription]

Diesel train engines will be deactivated in stations under government-backed plans to cut levels of air pollution on platforms.

Saturday, 17 October 2020


  • In Passing Bus-based park-and-ride is a simple enough concept but there are fiendish complexities to how they operate in different towns and cities, for instance fare structures, funding models, what you pay for (parking, bus or both), and how services are organised (dedicated routes or served by local bus services).
  • Burnham’s youth travel pass proves a hitTransport for Greater Manchester has reported huge demand for its ‘Our Pass’ free bus travel scheme for 16-18 year olds, although Covid-19 has hit take-up.
  • First Bristol launches ‘tap and cap’ travelBus operator First West of England has introduced capped pricing for users of contactless ticketing on its buses in Bristol.

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