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Rural residents feel ‘let down’ over bus provision, study finds

The Institute for Public Policy Research finds people feel ministers are not doing enough to improve local bus services.

‘Connecting Penrith’ project takes a step forward

On Monday (3 June), Matt Smallwood (Head of Connected Mobility) and Paul Collinge (Project Manager) were pleased to meet with partners in Penrith to advance the ‘Connecting Penrith’ project.

Thursday, 06 June 2024

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  • Cardiff's long-awaited bus station won't be fully operational for monthsDespite an opening date finally being announced Cardiff's long-awaited bus station won't operate a full set of bus services for months after it opens. Transport for Wales announced on May 30 that the bus station would open to passengers a month later on June 30 but not all the services listed under the bus station's operational plan will use the station from day one.

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