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The train now arriving has spare seats if you stand here [subscription]

Few things are more annoying: your train journey to work consists of 30 minutes wedged into the armpit of a fellow commuter, but as you leave you discover that just four carriages along the train is almost empty. Such experiences could soon be a thing of the past.

'Leaves on the line' rail delays 'could be cut by electromagnets'

Rail delays caused by the dreaded problem of "leaves on the line" could be reduced by a system of electromagnets, an engineering company has claimed.

Sunday, 04 October 2015

BBC News

  • Channel Tunnel trains back to normalEurotunnel and Eurostar services are running to schedule again following delays caused by more than 100 migrants broke into the Calais terminal.

The Guardian

  • New cycling infrastructure in the UK: share your photosWhat do you think of the latest attempts at cycling infrastructure in your town or city? Share your photos and stories with usBritain’s cycle infrastructure is a mess, but there may be hope. Across the country, there are signs that councils and other local authorities are at least beginning to be aware of the demands for safe, attractive facilities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.Back to the future: Riding an unopened section of London's east-west cycle route. Can't wait for it to be finished! pic.twitter.com/rSeXp0v1a3 Continue reading...
  • Car emissions test body receives 70% of cash from motor industryVehicle Certification Agency accused of a conflict of interest after VW scandalThe body examining the practices of the car industry following the Volkswagen emissions scandal has been accused of a major conflict of interest after it emerged that nearly three quarters of its funding comes from the companies it is investigating.According to its latest annual report, the Vehicle Certification Agency receives 69.91% of its income from car manufacturers, who pay it to certify that their vehicles are meeting emissions and safety standards. Continue reading...

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