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EU plans to lower bar for airlines complaining about foreign rivals

Flag carriers allege Gulf groups are engaged in anti-competitive behaviour

Rules of the sea rewritten to let unmanned ‘ghost’ cargo ships set sail [subscription]

Hundreds of “ghost ships” could be plying the seas within a decade under plans to amend international rules that prohibit unmanned cargo vessels.

Manchester Airport could operate without an traffic control tower in the future

The airport could follow London City Airport, which is set to become the first UK airport to install a digital tower

Friday, 09 June 2017

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  • Uber embodies the toxicity of start-up culture | Arwa MahdawiSilicon Valley likes to ‘move fast and break things.’ But, as Uber is showing us, that collateral damage can be quite significantWhat do you do when your billion-dollar startup threatens to implode in a dumpster fire of bad PR? Quickly find a woman of colour to sacrifice to the flames. It’s called the ‘glass cliff’: the phenomenon, supported by numerous studies, whereby women and minorities are more likely to be given leadership positions during times of crisis than they are when a company is doing well.In other words, women and minorities are often only given a shot at the top when their chan...
  • Madrid tackles 'el manspreading' on public transport with new signsTransport authorities in Spanish capital want to encourage men to respect boundaries on bus seats and keep legs closedManspreading around the world – in picturesMadrid’s transport authorities are taking a stand against seated male selfishness with a campaign to tackle the social scourge that is manspreading.Fed up with men whose thighs fail to respect the boundaries of bus seats, the Spanish capital’s Municipal Transport Company (EMT) is to put up signs discouraging the practice. Continue reading...

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  • Modern Wheel Detection and Axle Counting Growing conurbations, increasing car park prices and not least rising fuel prices are pushing trams and underground railways increasingly to the forefront of urban and suburban rail transportation infrastructures.
  • RSSB unveils 'self-learning' underframe inspection systemAn innovating system that monitors the underside of trains for faults automatically has been designed using funding from the RSSB Railway Operator Challenge Competition. The system, called Vehicle Underframe Examination System, or VUES, uses multi-spectral cameras installed at the track...
  • Part of Midland Metro tram line closes for essential worksTram services on the Midland Metro line between Wolverhampton and Birmingham will be facing major disruption this week as essential track maintenance work is carried out by engineers. The line from Priestfield to Wolverhampton St. George’s will be closed from Sunday 11 June, and a...
  • BTP issues warning after teen almost killed trespassing at Bescot depotPolice have today released information about a pair of teenagers who were seriously injured last week after being electrocuted by overhead wires when they climbed on top of a freight train in a rail depot. By releasing the information, the British Transport Police (BTP) hopes to discourage other...

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