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Minister backs compensation bids for taxis and hotels after rail delays

The rail minister has given his support to passengers who want to recoup costs such as taxis and hotels when train services are disrupted.

Heathrow urges speed on third runway as airports hits record of 5.4 million passengers in February

Nearly five and a half million passengers passed through Heathrow in February, as the airport repeated the need for it to expand quickly.

Monday, 12 March 2018

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  • Electric car sales tumble over price and plugs [Subscription]The number of electric cars sold in Britain has fallen by a third since the start of the year, amid concerns that motorists are being put off by high prices, limited battery range and a lack of roadside charging points.
  • Seductive French advert fails to make a conquest in LondonLondon transport officials have banned a French advert urging British businesses to “vote with their feet” and move to France as the UK quits the European Union. A poster campaign encouraging entrepreneurs to “leave post-Brexit fears behind” was blocked because it could be controversial.

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