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BREXIT BLOCK: Lorry drivers threaten to CLOSE UK transport links if exit is delayed

TRUCK drivers are planning to stage UK-wide blockades on highways if the country does not leave the EU on March 29, which they would see as a “Brexit betrayal”.

Athens Int'l Airport on Alert After Call About Attempted Plane Hijacking

Europe 19:48 15.03. been declared at Athens International Airport after the administration received a Attempted Plane Hijacking in Bangladesh Eliminated — Reports Following the call, increased security lives of the Airbus A320 plane's passengers and crew.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

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  • After two deadly disasters in five months, can Boeing survive? W ithin three minutes of takeoff, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 had accelerated to unusually high speeds. Captain Yared Getachew knew something was wrong as the aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max 8, erratically dipped and climbed by hundreds of feet. He radioed air traffic control, requesting a return to Addis Ababa airport

Times Online

  • In the wake of the Boeing 737 Max 8 crash, are planes becoming too complex to fly? [Subscription]At about the time that Antonis Mavropoulos was trudging unhappily towards an Addis Ababa airport waiting lounge last Sunday, the Nairobi-bound plane he had missed by minutes was roaring down the runway and lifting smoothly into clear Ethiopian skies. The Greek executive was angry with airport staff who had failed to meet his incoming flight to ensure he made it to his second flight in time, and he was further upset when the departure-gate agents refused to delay Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 to allow him to board.

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