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Railway passenger growth reaches 11-year high

The number of people using railway stations has risen sharply, particularly around Cardiff.

Scottish ferries fiasco: Questions over shipyard deals as illegal 'state aid' cases emerge

MINISTERS failed to notify the EU about nationalising a shipyard at the centre of a ferry building fiasco despite being earlier found to have given £50 million of "illegal state aid" to two airports.

HS2 won’t ‘level up’ regions without more trains and buses [Subscription]

The UK has one of the world’s highest levels of regional inequality, according to a report that reveals the size of the government’s task in “levelling up” different parts of the country.

Fears that Boris will use court defeat as an excuse to shelve £14bn Heathrow project 

Boris Johnson was last night urged to bury his doubts and press ahead with Heathrow's third runaway amid fears he could use a potential legal setback this week to ditch the plan.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

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  • Evacuation flight carrying 32 British and European tourists lands in UK … carrying 32 British and European passengers who were on … countries having already managed an airlift – including the US who … Health England (PHE) said airport health teams would meet the … the cruise, flights, hotels and transport – and gives them credit …

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