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Train-maker Alstom and rail operator Eversholt Rail joining forces to create UK's first hydrogen train fleet

Alstom wants to design and build a fleet of 10 hydrogen powered trains, each with three units

Monday, 22 November 2021

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  • Andy Byford: We cant let Londons transport fall into managed declineTfLs passionate boss has never owned a car: but now he fears a funding squeeze will mean a return to the bad old days on the tube
  • Start of final Crossrail trials in London raises hope of early 2022 openingVolunteer passengers will be aboard central TfL section of Elizabeth line as part of final testing phaseHopes that Crossrail will open in central London in early 2022 – this time on schedule – have been boosted as the troubled £19bn scheme moved into its final phase of testing at the weekend.The start of months of trial operations, which will involve thousands of volunteer passengers to test how the system will function, including in emergencies, was described as a “significant milestone” by Transport for London and the mayor. Continue reading...

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  • Crossrails trial operations to begin ahead of openingTrial operations on the Crossrail are finally underway ahead of its opening in the first half of 2022, almost three years after the projects initial deadline. Operations will involve exercises to ensure the projects safety and reliability, while also testing the timetables. Over the coming months, more than 150 scenarios will be carried out – [...] The post Crossrails trial operations to begin ahead of opening appeared first on CityAM.
  • London needs to have the powers to control its own destiny and transportIt is no longer headline news that Transport for London is facing a financial crisis. Last week the mayor of London revealed the network needed 1.7bn over the next 18 months simply to balance its books, and at least 1.3bn every year to make essential upgrades on the Tubes, trains and buses. This summer, Tfl [...] The post London needs to have the powers to control its own destiny and transport appeared first on CityAM.

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  • UK government set to officially scrap Northern Ireland to Scotland bridge plansLong running plans to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland wont go ahead, its reported. The Telegraph said that transport expert Sir Peter Hardy said the expert was not viable after being asked by the government to examine if such a project was feasible, but said it would technically be very challenging at the moment.

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  • Crossrail has just 253M left to spend on completing Elizabeth lineCrossrail Ltd has just 253M left to spend before available funding runs dry. With the railway still on track to open during the first half of next year, Crossrail Ltd has long said that it is unlikely to complete the project with the currently available funding.

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