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Northern to continue classical music at stations to deter bad behaviour

Rail firm Northern has said it will continue to play classical music at 35 stations to combat bad behaviour. Works "inspired by Handel, Beethoven and Mozart" are piped out over public address systems at certain times

Disjointed rail planning leaves UK train builders facing closure

Jobs at risk in historic manufacturing hubs as government fails to bridge gaps in rolling stock orders

Labour promises to allow every community to take back control of local bus services

Labour’s shadow transport secretary, Louise Haigh MP, has today [Thursday 11 April 2024] set out the party’s plans for a better busnetwork across England, with a promise to allow every community across the country to take back control of local bus services.

Thursday, 11 April 2024

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  • Almost a quarter of Deutsche Bahn employees now womenThe railway industry, historically male-dominated, is witnessing an increasing presence of female colleagues across various roles, from train drivers to maintenance personnel. The number of women working at Deutsche Bahn (DB) continues to rise, reaching 55,000 nationwide, accounting for 24.1 per cent of the workforce, up from 23.6 per cent the previous year.

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  • French rail operator Railcoop goes bustFrance’s first rail co-operative Railcoop announced its upcoming liquidation after facing a series of financial challenges. Launched in 2019, Railcoop was set up as a co-operative society of collective interest (SCIC) and had grown to include 14,500 members.

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