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Cars as new as five years old could be banned in Edinburgh

Cars which fail to meet strict pollution limits face being banned from the whole of Edinburgh under radical plans drawn up by the city council.

'Be brave and get on with it' - Bath urged to build tram network

Imagine a world in which Bath's roads were not clogged with traffic. A world where people compared the city to Vienna or Zurich.

What can improve Stoke-on-Trent's declining bus network? (Ideas include more real-time information and new ways of paying...)

Some politicians believe franchising is the answer – but the city's main operator wants a partnership approach. Stoke-on-Trent’s declining bus network was one of the key battleground issues in the city’s all-out elections. Competing parties pledged to take advantage of new powers and revive public transport after years of falling use and service cutbacks.

Monday, 06 May 2019

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  • Tell us: how fair are bus ticket prices where you live?Bus passengers in parts of England are paying high fares to travel short distances, with new reporting highlighting a particular discrepancy between those living inside and outside major cities.
  • Crossrail and other overoptimistic plans - LettersThe National Audit Office report (NAO blames Crossrail delay on ‘unrealistic’ management, 4 May) advances us part way towards an understanding of why so many major projects, of all sorts, are “delayed” and “over budget”. Whenever a gap opens up between plan and performance, the overwhelming tendency is to blame the managers/workers who “failed” to meet the target. In fact, the problem is often with overoptimistic, unrealistic plans in the first place. Crossrail is just one of many examples.
  • Sleepless nights for cyclists on the Caledonian Sleeper trainI’m glad the new Caledonian Sleeper trains have all mod cons (Report, 30 April), but they’re not doing much to facilitate green travel.

The Herald

  • Subway modernisation programme will bring many benefits to passengers - Councillor Dr Martin Bartos, Chair SPTThe current £288 million Subway modernisation programme will see the introduction of brand new state-of-the-art trains with a new communication and signalling system; the complete refurbishment of all 15 stations by 2020, of which 13 have already been done; and has introduced new Smartcard ticketing technology adopted by ScotRail and many bus operators across the west of Scotland. All of this is being achieved while we continue to transport around 40,000 passengers round the system daily.

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  • Boeing did not fix MAX AOA warning issue found in 2017Boeing discovered in 2017 that its 737 MAXs were being delivered without a flight-deck angle of attack (AOA) error warning activated as intended, but determined the issue was not a safety risk and did not need immediate correction, the company said May 5. read more

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