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Learner drivers to be allowed motorway lessons

A change to in the law will see L-plates on the UK’s motorways within months, in a move welcomed by road safety groupsSince the UK’s first motorway opened to traffic almost 60 years ago, the nation’s M-roads have been free of cars displaying the dreaded L-plate.But learner drivers will finally be allowed to have lessons on motorways in a matter of months after a change in the road rules. The move follows years of pressure from road safety groups over what they argued was a long-running safety omission. Continue reading...

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Guardian

  • Rescue ship suspends work after 'threats by Libyan coastguard'Doctors Without Borders told by Italian authorities that increasing aggression by Libyan ships poses a security riskDoctors Without Borders has said that it is temporarily suspending the activity of its rescue ship owing to alleged threats from Libya. The Libyan coastguard has increasingly become more aggressive in patrolling the waters off its coasts where human traffickers launch boats crowded with migrants desperate to reach Europe.The humanitarian group said the rescue coordination centre operated by Italy’s coastguard had informed it on Friday that the Libyan threats pose a security risk....

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