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No ports money for chaotic move to new 'green' CalMac ferries

Plans for the introduction of the 'eco-friendly' vessels at the centre of Scotland's ferry fiasco have been thrown into new chaos as it has emerged two key Scots ports will not be capable of providing the 'green' fuel.

Row erupts over Thameslink bonuses after performance targets lowered

Thameslink's performance targets were downgraded across nearly every category from last year. The targets are set by the government's department for transport.

Saturday, 10 February 2024

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  • Derestricting e-bikes and UK lawThere’s a thriving business in tech that allows e-bikes to be derestricted. However, once an electric bicycle exceeds the power limits set out in UK regulations, it becomes a motorcycle in the eyes of the law. That means that when you’re stopped by the police, you can be charged with riding an unlicensed and uninsured motorbike. The resulting penalty points… The post Derestricting e-bikes and UK law appeared first on ETA.

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