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Labour vows to cut commuter rail fares by a third [subscription]

Jeremy Corbyn will divert money earmarked for building roads to cutting commuter rail fares if Labour wins the general election, the party says.

Heathrow Airport to be penalised if expansion goes over-budget

Heathrow Airport will be penalised by Britain’s transport watchdog if it fails to build its planned third runway efficiently.

Shareholders take £210m from North East rail passengers in what unions call 'modern train robbery'

The TUC on Monday accused rail companies of taking millions from their passengers and called for a public rail service

Skates Calls Out Tory ‘Half-truths’ Over Rail

Welsh Labour Minister Ken Skates has hit out at Grant Shapps after the UK Transport Secretary wrongly claimed on BBC Any Questions that rail electrification was not his responsibility.

Monday, 02 December 2019

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  • Smoking ban at all Merseyrail stations Merseyrail has announced a smoking ban at all stations on its network from 1 December. From this date, passengers will not be allowed to smoke in any public areas of Merseyrail stations or platforms with the exception of car parks. The ban will include vaping and e-cigarettes.

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  • Fossil fuel lobbyists push to dilute EU anti-greenwash planEnergy industry in particularly fights back against planned new rules on green labellingFossil fuel lobbyists are trying to water down planned EU rules to stop “investment greenwashing’ by setting science-based criteria for any investment which lays claim to being environmentally sustainable.A report from lobbyist watchdog InfluenceMap has found that although some investors support the “green labelling” rules, 98% of Europe’s 50 largest investors are members of lobby groups trying to weaken the proposals. Continue reading...
  • South Western Railway commuters face misery as strike due to beginLatest RMT action runs through most of December in dispute over role of train crewsAll you need to know about the SWR walkoutA month of misery for hundreds of thousands of rail commuters begins on Monday when RMT members of South Western Railway walk out on the first of 27 days of strike action.Hundreds of guards and a small number of drivers will not clock on for work again this Christmas, apart from on election day on 12 December, in a bitter row over the role and responsibilities of onboard train crew. The train firm was among others to be hit by similar strike action last year over the rol...

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  • Labour promises to cut regulated rail fares by a third The Labour Party says it would cut regulated rail fares by 33 per cent if it gains power after the general election, and claims that the ˜average™ commuter would save £1,097 a year. Season tickets would also be updated to allow part-time travel, and the basis for rail tariffs nationally would be converted a ˜simple, London-style ticketing system™. Labour said it would guarantee ˜fair fares™ for part time workers by ensuring that workers who commute fewer than five days a week pay no more for each journey than full-time workers who use weekly season tickets – meaning that part-time workers who...

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