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Department for Transport urged to put hard shoulders on smart motorways

Plea from RAC comes a year after plans for new smart motorway projects were cancelled amid longstanding safety concerns

New HS2 ’embarrassment’ as rail HQ opens but train factory faces closure

The timing of the regulator's temporary headquarters opening in the city is horribly "ironic" and "embarrassing", says Derby City Council leader

John Major's rail privatisation helmsman torpedoes Conservatives' latest reforms

Christian speaks at length with Steve Norris, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the UK Department for Transport between 1992 and 1996, who was the key Rail Minister serving John Major's Conservative Government in delivering the privatisation of Great Britain's railways and the creation of new industry structures. ...

Monday, 15 April 2024

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  • Pressure grows on Prime Minister to end Alstom Derby crisisThe fast-growing campaign aimed at trying to save thousands of jobs in the region will take another step forward this week when a series of letters are handed in to Downing Street and to the UK boss of Alstom – whose site is at the centre of storm.

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